Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – 7 Steps of Success

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – 7 Steps of Success

Making money while you sleep is something that we all dream of. But the fact is that it is actually possible. And that’s where, Affiliate Marketing comes into the picture. A report by Statista suggests that by 2022, the business spending on affiliate marketing will rise to $8.2 billion. Isn’t that amazing? If you want to learn more and leverage on this awesome opportunity in the billion-dollar industry of affiliate marketing, then continue reading. In this article, you will learn about the following 7 steps of Success on affiliate marketing which will help you kick start:

  • Decide a Platform
  • Choose Your Niche
  • To find Affiliate Program to become a member
  • Create Best Content Material
  • Power Traffic to Your Affiliate Web Page
  • Get Clicks to Your Affiliate Links
  • Convert Clicks into Earnings

First, let’s talk about what is Affiliate Marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing involves promoting products of other people or companies through an affiliate network. And through that marketing, when someone buys those products, you earn a commission. It is based on a revenue sharing model. You can become an affiliate marketer even if you do not have any product of your own to sell.

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can scale it as you want. A salesman to a particular company can sell products from that company only. On the other hand, if you become an affiliate marketer, you can promote products from various companies and earn commissions on all.

So, how does it work?

As an affiliate marketer, you will receive a novel hyperlink from the service provider that you are promoting. This hyperlink lets them monitor who was accountable for the sale of the product or service. When a visitor clicks on that particular hyperlink, a small file called as cookie gets saved on their machine.

So, what does an affiliate cookie do? It does two things.

1. It helps the service provider or the merchant or the company to attribute sale to the proper person responsible for the sale.

2. It (often) holds an expiration date, in which case, you will get your commission even when the customer delays his purchase.

For example:

Suppose a reader visits your post on the best wintry weather jackets and he clicks on the link directing to that product on Amazon. However, he decides to put the buying on hold as he realizes that his daughter from college should choose. So, he leaves the house, picks up his daughter, have dinner together and then go back to Amazon to find the same product. Now, because they are already surfing through, they discover another product, ski gear and decide to buy that too.

Now the good news for you is that, when the visitor has clicked on your affiliate hyperlink, a cookie was saved on his machine. And because Amazon has 24-hour cookie period, you earn for both the purchases made by that person, the jacket, and the ski gear – the one you did not actually promote.

How Much Can You Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

There’s not limitation to how much you can earn from Affiliate Marketing. However, it depends on your area of interest and how much efforts you put in. Most of the profitable affiliate marketers earn five to six figures income in a month.

The Wirecutter – A gadget review site made estimated revenue of $10 million and was bought over by the New York Times for $30 million.

In the initial period, your earning might not be substantial. But do not let it discourage you. Keep going. With your time and vigorous efforts and appropriate information, you might achieve higher earnings too.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

Step # 1: Decide on the Platform

Platform means where you are going to promote the products or services. It can be any. If you are able to do affiliate marketing, platform is not a challenge; even Instagram would work.

But, choosing weblog or YouTube channel would simplify the process a lot. It would be easy to build follower and views, thereby, improving your affiliate gross sales.

It is easy to start a weblog. The costs are low too. And you do not need to be an expert. You can easily learn how to start a weblog through online tutorials; there are loads of them.

Once you have created and launched your website, do SEO for it; optimize it for search engines. This will increase the traffic to your website and also the probability of rating. Once that is done, you can add affiliate hyperlinks in your content material. (We will talk about how to add affiliate hyperlinks in your content in our upcoming blog)

YouTube is another great platform for affiliate marketing. The biggest advantage of this platform is that you can create and import content to YouTube for free and hence, it’s the best platform for this purpose. You can do web optimization of your movies and put affiliate hyperlinks in your description.

Include Example here
Note: The Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) requires you to disclose the facts about your earnings received through affiliate endorsements.

For weblogs, you can create a standalone page and clarify in the footer as follows:

Footer Image from the link –

If you are doing it through YouTube, you can embrace it like this:

Footer Image from the link –

Step # 2: Choose Your Niche

Web space is growing with tons of bloggers and knowledge sharers. According to Statista, the variety of bloggers in the United States was projected to grow to 31.7 million by 2020. So, in order to succeed, it is important to identify your niche, your area of interest. Pick a subject that is focusses on targeted audience. For example, ‘food’ as a category is quite broad; so, it would be better to be specific, you can choose ‘baked food’ or ‘grilled meals’ and so on. Keep it focusses with help you build your viewers easily and it also might get your weblog higher rank on the search engines.

That is what most successful bloggers and affiliate marketers do. As you continue to grow and cover majority of your niche category and build your audience and site visitors, you will also develop and diversify into different areas. So, if you are the sole principal content creator, choose the subject of your keen interest.

Often it happens that due to inconsistency, many affiliate websites perish down the road. So, it would b simpler and easier to be consistent for those who pick their topic of their passion. At the same time, you don’t have to worry if you are not expert on the subject. You don’t really have to be the creator of the content. As Gary Vavnerchuk says, “Document, Don’t Create.” You can also document and engage the audience on following you.

Remember, content quality is important; it will help to attract more visitors to your website, encourage engagement and thereby increase your affiliate gross sales.

Step # 3: Find An Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs or applications are of three types:

High Paying, Low Volume Affiliate Applications

These Affiliate applications offer merchandise with excessive payouts. For example, certain associate programs pay as high as $700 per thirty days to those who simply ship 80 cents their method. The catch is, these companies promote big ticket programs like CRM software, so there’s a limited pool of patrons.

Also, as compared to expert entrepreneurs, it would be slightly challenging to earn significant amount of cash.

Low Paying, High Volume Affiliate Programs

These affiliate programs have merchandise with low payouts, but the volume is pretty high. For example, PS4 video games are quite popular and in demand. They are also priced reasonably at $50. Affiliate commissions are pretty low in this case, may be in single digits; you might earn $2 – 3 per sale.

However, due to high quality of such applications, there’s always high number of merchandise to promote. You can also take example of Amazon associate program here wherein you can earn up to 10% commission on what Amazon sells. The best part is that you get commissions on the whole worth of sale than simply the product you promote.

For this to work, you must have huge traffic of site visitors.

High Paying, High Volume Affiliate Program

These affiliate programs usually have merchandise for mass level attraction and also pay excessive commissions. For example, the bank cards. Usually, everyone would want a bank card and most of who get it will stay with the company with years. However, you need experience and deep pockets to be affiliate entrepreneur for such program.

Step # 4: Create Best Content Material

Creating a high-quality content for your website is the way to success in affiliate marketing. It is important to have affiliate hyperlinks placed in the content, so they go with the natural flow of the content.

For example, Tim Ferriss interviewed 100+ famous people and requested them this query:

What you buy of $100 or much less has most positively impacted your life within the final six months (or in current reminiscence)?

In his weblog, he also revealed the solutions and added affiliate hyperlinks to the merchandise spoke about. And his followers certainly showed their appreciation in their feedback.

This is exactly how you must work to create content material for your affiliate website, rather than blindly curating merchandise as just best sellers. And if you are evaluating, try to buy the product and take a look at it, which is what Wire-cutter did and they succeeded immensely.

Step # 5: Power Traffic to Your Affiliate Webpage

Pulling traffic to your affiliate is the most important aspect to get success and have high earnings. You need more and more people visiting your websites and clicking on your affiliate hyperlinks.

So, here are the three ways to go about it:

1. Paid Site Visitors

For this, you need a budget, you need to pay to get visitors to your website. You can run PPC ads to get there. On the plus side, you get visitors instantly.

On the minus side, it becomes your operating cost and will dig into your earning. You may end up losing cash faster than you make. That’s why you should decide on a budget to spend and evaluate the timeline to optimize paid site visitors marketing campaign.

Second minus point, once you stop your paid ads, your site visitors also stop. Usually, these are ideal for those who are on high paying associate programs and make huge earnings in commission.

For the ones who are new to paid marketing and don’t have budget for it, it won’t be the ideal choice.

2. Search Engine Optimization (Web Optimization)

SEO or Web Optimization is done to get higher ranking on search engines like Google. As long as your website ranks higher on search engines on your targeted key phrases, your website will have continuous and passive visitors.

At a primary phase, web optimization is about –

– Understanding what your clients want or they are trying to find

– Curating content around those goals in the form of weblog posts, product pages, etc.

– Optimizing technically, incorporating hyperlink construction, etc. to push those pages within search engines

3. Build and Email Record

Email lists help you engage with your readers anytime you want. You can use this to update them about your new content and get them to come to your website again for extra. This fosters extra affiliate clicks and increase your gross sales.

In order to create email record, you will need to convince your readers to enroll or subscribe on your website. You can provide free e-books or courses to do so.

Step # 6: Get Clicks to Your Affiliate Links

Clicks on Affiliate links is the ultimate goal of the program. Only creating fantastic content will not appeal visitors to click on the link. You need to consider a few things and follow the strategy:

1. Link Placement

Link placement is crucial to getting clicks. If you are placing your affiliate hyperlinks towards the end of the page, chances are that visitors may not read or scroll through the end. So, you will end up getting very few clicks. On the other hand, jamming the introduction with hyperlink also appears to be spammy. So, you must find balance the right density and balance of affiliate hyperlinks in the content throughout.

2. Context

Suppose you were to write an article on the best phones for under $100. If you go like this – Today, I am going to review the best phones under $100, the hyperlinks here would look spammy and out of context.

Instead, you can write –

Today I am going to review 3 different phones you can purchase on Amazon for under $100. These are – Product 1, Product 2, & Product 3

3. Callouts

Use of callouts like buttons, tables and bins may help in increasing appeal to your readers’ consideration. It may make the submit extra skimmable.

For example, Wire-cutter uses attractive bins with the product hyperlinks every time they share a prime choose.

Step # 7: Convert Clicks Into Gross Sales

Affiliate marketing success is when you earn. You need two conversions to happen in order to generate income here.

First, when the visitor click on the product page. You are in full control of this – create content, drive traffic and make it happen.

Second, when the visitor buys the product and becomes the customer. The checkout & conversion charges are beyond your control. So, what you can do is look for retailers with applications that convert easily.

Here’s how you can seek them out:

1. Public Earning Studies

It goes without saying that if people are earning good money from an associate program, then it’s doubtless that the product converts easily or nicely. You can do a research on Google for phrases like “income report amazon affiliate”. Many bloggers do reveal their earnings made through affiliate programs publicly.

2. Ask Questions

If you do not find much information about an associate program you are considering, you can enroll and ask questions about conversion charges, or ballpark determine of commissions of primer earners, etc.

3. Go with Your Gut Feeling

Our gut feeling or intuition sometimes proves to be the best judge. If any of the program you have checked out, feels off to you personally, then it’s best to drop it.


This article offers the basic guidance about affiliate marketing programs which will help you begin your journey on a strong note. Focus on building your traffic and making your first sale. You will learn more once it starts growing.

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