6 Factors to Improve Your Domain Authority Score?

Improve Domain Authority

6 Factors to Improve Your Domain Authority Score?

If you regularly check the SEO score then you also heard about Domain Authority. In case if you never heard about DA then, we explain everything very briefly and will explain to improve your Domain Authority score.

Domain Authority is the website score that helps to increase the site ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc …

What is the Domain Authority of any website or blog and how it impacts if the DA is low or high, we will discuss this in this article?

What is Domain Authority?


Domain Authority is the combination of two words Domain “means the website” like https://tecnosysinc.com Authority “means reputation. In simple terms,
“Domain Authority is the SEO score which shows the reputation of the website on search engines.”

DA was introduced by one of the oldest SEO company MOZ. This will help to check the reputation of the website (google ranking) on a scale of 1-100. By which we can easily assume the possibility of website rating on search engines.
“High DA will help to rank the website on the search engine.”

DA was launched 1 decade earlier by MOZ. After that in last year March 2019, the first update came by the name of Domain Authority 2.0

Apart from DA, there are so many SEO metrics, like Authority Score by SEMRUSH, Domain Rating by Ahrefs, and many more…

What does domain authority depend on?


For any website, there are so many factors on which DA depends. Some important factors are below mention:

Backlinking: Backlinking plays a very important role to increase the Domain Authority of the website. If you have a good backlinking on the website there are high chances to increase the DA by 30%

Content: After backlinking, content is also very important to improve the DA. If your content is unique and easy to read, this will help to increase the DA.

Internal Linking: If you link all your website pages with each other properly that also helps to increase the DA.

Author: Normally it’s hard to believe that author is important to increase the DA, but the fact is if any famous author posts their article or blog, google gives the priority to rank them.

What should be DA to rank on Google?


What should be the DA of your website to rank on Google is on which topic your website is created?

If your website is created on a competitive topic then, DA should be very high to improve the site ranking on Google or any search engine. 

If you wish to rank high, then DA should be above 40 and if you are using high competitive keyword then it can go above 60.

I would like to inform you that only DA is not very important to rank the website, but content also plays a very important role as I mentioned earlier. So you have to write more unique content and interesting content. It will definitely help to increase the website ranking.

How to check the DA of your website?


We already know that DA is managed by MOZ. So to check the DA, you can use the MOZ tool, where you have to type the website URL in the search bar, after that you have to click on Analyze. After that you will get the option to Sign up, to register yourself on Moz. Once you signed up you can check any website rating such as Domain Authority and Page Authority. That helps to backlinking your website on a High DA and PA site.

How to Increase Domain Authority?


There are many steps to increase the Domain Authority.

  1. Increase the backlinking on your website.
  2. Don’t do any spam.
  3. Increase the site loading speed.
  4. Try to decrease the bounce rate of the website.
  5. Try to create Interested and Informative content, so the people will stay on your website to increase the Average Time on site.
  6. Regularly update your blog or post new content as much as you can.
  7. Keep removing the bad backlinks from your website.
  8. Keep share your post on Social media and write interesting content so the post will share more.
  9. If people come directly to your website by browser, so google considers it is an important factor in the popularity and reliability of your website.
  10. The most important factor is to have patience if your website is new, so it’s hards to believe by Google or any search engine on that website. They continuously keep watching the activities on your website, after that they decide how much preference have to give on that website. If you keep good working on your website your DA and PA automatically increases.

Importance of DA:

People normally think if the DA of the website is good then it is ranking on Google.
But the fact is google never considers the DA to rank. DA is just the score developed by MOZ, which gives possibility and capacity to the ranking on search engines. DA is just the prediction of the ranking strength of your domain.

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